Calambur is the Spanish word for a pun, a game in which a word or a phrase with two meanings, or words with the same sound but different meanings, are used to create confusion deliberately.



Duo Calambur (b Brussels, November 13, 2017) musical duo formed by Blanca Prieto (baroque violin) and Rebecca Lefèvre (viola da gamba).

Duo Calambur emerged from an artistic collective called BlackSpot. The duo has its roots in baroque music but is not confined only to this style. Duo Calambur do so called “musical calamburs” which implies making collages and deforming pieces from different styles and periods. The duo also compose their own music and do arrangements for the two instruments. The main pillar of the ensemble is to create stories through free improvisation inspired by life, paintings, poems, video, movement…

Duo Calambur regularly collaborates with artists across different disciplines such as dancing, video art, theatre, poetry, etc. In an open atmosphere where every perspective is welcome, artists seek inspiration by sharing ideas, creative methods and experiences/stories. The creative output is shared with a public in the form of live performances or as a “soundtrack”.