About us

Duo Calambur is formed by Blanca Prieto (baroque violin) and Rebecca Lefèvre (viola da gamba) in Brussels, emerging from an artistic collective called BlackSpot. The duo has its roots in baroque music but is not confined only to this style. Duo Calambur do so called “musical calamburs” which implies to decontextualise, transform and combine pieces from different styles and periods. The duo also compose their own music, make arrangements for the two instruments, work with free improvisation and create acoustic and electronic soundscapes. A performance by Duo Calambur is a collage with all these elements, creating a unique and eclectic universe.

In addition to creating for stage performance, Duo Calambur explore the relationship between sound and image through video-making. 

Duo Calambur has performed in venues as SMOG, Festival Knust or La Cellule 133. The last projects took place in Coudenberg Sound Box Fest and Hectolitre Space, where the duo created made-to-measure performances specific for these two spaces.