Space Project

a made-to-measure piece for the venue

Duo Calambur presents an auditory experience of a space consisting of a live performance paired with sound installations. The program is a mix of repertoire from various periods, and incorporates improvisation. The sound installations present different perspectives to the space, exploring the acoustical potential and particularities, using different sound sources: analog and digital, and in result creating a unique piece in collaboration with the venue.

The audience will be guided through the physical space, experiencing the music in different ways depending on their exact position and where the sound originates.

What is a concert?


Imagine a live radio show that slips into a parallel universe, how would that make you feel? Think about it.

The internationally acclaimed radio show “what is a what” presents its 95th episode “what is a concert?” together with two experienced and serious musicians. Everything goes according to plans until the musicians take control of the show. No-one knows what will happen next…

Performance for recorded voice and two live instruments.