Duo Calambur presents an auditory experience consisting of a live performance paired with sound installations. The live program is a musical collage of pieces from different periods, from Hildegard von Bingen and Orlando di Lasso to Eric Satie and Eugène Ysaÿe, joined together through improvised pieces. The juxtaposing of the different styles, turning away from the expected and conventional repertoire, puts the spotlight on the sound texture of the two instruments. It gives us the freedom to rediscover the pieces, the instruments and ourselves.

The installation presents a universe of sound coming from different sources – cassette recordings, field recordings and synthesizers. It will be positioned in different places around the venue, carefully considering its characteristics and thus giving the audience a unique perspective of the space.

The different elements of the concert – the dynamic live performance and the pre- recorded sound installation – allow for “three dimensional listening”. The audience can move in the space and choose to focus on the two baroque instruments in front of them or on the sounds of the installation someplace in the venue. Likewise, they can consciously direct their attention somewhere in between and listen how the two intertwine, challenge and complete each other.

What is a concert?


Imagine a live radio show that slips into a parallel universe, how would that make you feel? Think about it.

The internationally acclaimed radio show “what is a what” presents its 95th episode “what is a concert?” together with two experienced and serious musicians. Everything goes according to plans until the musicians take control of the show. No-one knows what will happen next…

Performance for recorded voice and two live instruments.