Photo Ivan Yohan

The viola da gamba appeared in my life unannounced. One day when I was 17 I knew I have to play this instrument. How that idea came into my head is a mystery. I didn’t really know what it was. I had not (consciously) heard or even seen the viola da gamba, but that it was my instrument, I knew. It took a few years before I got the chance to actually start learning. It was in Stockholm, in the school where I studied the cello, that I met the viola da gamba for the first time. It was love at first sight. The sound mesmerised me and the repertoire fascinated me. An intense period of getting to know each other followed, and the decision to devote my life to music and this instrument brought me to Brussels.

In Brussels I met Blanca and together we became Duo Calambur. With Duo Calambur I feel free. Here I discover a new approach to music making. Instead of only relying on a score, we are writing our own music and mixing existing pieces with improvisation. I have more responsibility and personal influence on the content than I have in a traditional ensemble. Together we explore, experiment, try, fail, get surprised and create. It’s all very refreshing and inspiring! I develop new aspects of me – the musician, but also me – the human. Music/art infiltrate our lives and that is how it should be.